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Considerable experience across all industries in Australia and New Zealand has enabled us to develop unique services to suit the specific requirements of your business. LIVE HV works with you to ensure your electrical network is optimised without compromising your daily operation

Industry Solutions

Oil & Gas
Wind Farm


LIVE HV have developed testing procedures for Renewables which assess your HV assets but minimise business interruption. Non-intrusive online testing, comprehensive offline testing or a hybrid of both are deployed based on your requirements. We can perform testing without requiring a shutdown or we aim to work around when your site isn’t generating. We specialise in commissioning, end of warranty checks and HV asset maintenance.

Iron Ore Mine


LIVE HV’s proven track record in preventing outages and reducing failures has assisted our partners in the mining industry. Sensor installation and periodic Online PD monitoring can be performed on all HV assets which enables repairs during planned shutdowns as opposed to reactive maintenance following a failure. Our shutdown maintenance and in-service testing options reduce downtime and increase safety.



Asset heavy industries such as utilities experience outages due to the sheer size and usage of their electrical network. Our history of non-intrusive network testing has resulted in a documented reduction in unplanned outages for generation and water companies alike.

LIVE HV has the capacity to test large numbers of cables and switchgear, with a comprehensive database used to benchmark your assets. Our assessments are independent, providing a true condition report so you can manage your network effectively.

oil n gas

Oil & Gas

Specifically designed for the Oil and Gas industry, LIVE HV can provide insulation condition monitoring across your entire HV network. Installed sensors at the central switchboard enable Partial Discharge readings to be obtained from all connected assets including machines in hazardous areas. This allows PD measurements of HV motors and generators installed in hazardous areas to be taken without accessing the hazardous area.

refcl industry


A by-product of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) systems is that during fault conditions, phase to phase voltages can cause additional stress on high voltage assets, potentially leading to failures.

As a leading supplier of testing services for Powercor, LIVE HV is suitably qualified and highly experienced to determine the resilience of your HV network and how it will perform with an active REFCL system in place. We can provide recommendations where required to prevent the likelihood of failures occurring.

Key Benefits

  • High Voltage pre-screening of assets
  • Online pre-screening of assets
  • Consultative assessment and recommendations – please contact us for further information

Further REFCL Infomation

To reduce the likelihood and impact of High Voltage networks causing bushfires, State Authorities and Power Utilities are taking action. The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, following the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfire event, has led to both legislative requirements, and proactive approaches. The installation of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) systems by Power Utilities is focused on limiting HV faults which historically have caused bushfires

In 2016, the Victorian Government made legislative changes that require the installation of enhanced powerline fault detection and suppression capabilities on their HV Network. The installation of REFCL systems fulfils this requirement and is currently ongoing across Victoria.

While successful in bushfire prevention, a negative by-product of REFCL systems is that during fault conditions, phase to phase voltages can cause additional stress on high voltage assets, potentially leading to failures.
Changes to Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code in 2018 have clarified that ensuring High Voltage Assets are REFCL ready is solely the responsibility of High Voltage Customers. To protect both HV Assets and Employees, HV customers are charged with assessing their current HV system and implementing improvements where necessary.

LIVE HV offers a range of both in service and out of service testing to determine whether HV assets can withstand the elevated voltages caused during fault conditions. This allows the customer to be confident in their HV Assets during all conditions or take the necessary measures to mitigate the consequences of being connected to a REFCL protected network. Currently working with Utilities to stress test their own systems, LIVE HV is pioneering the methods used to test and ensure the integrity of HV networks.

Case Studies

Read more for examples of LIVE HV providing engineering and service solutions for our partners.

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