Partial Discharge testing

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Online Partial Discharge Testing

By harnessing the power of partial discharge testing, businesses & industries can gain valuable insights into the health & performance of their electrical assets.

Online Partial Discharge (PD) testing provides an accurate assessment of the insulation condition for your plant rated at 3.3 kV and above.

LIVE HV provides testing, while the plant is in service. The integrity of the insulation condition can be assessed and locations of concern can be identified without requiring an outage. PD testing can be conducted on Cables, Rotating Machines, Switchgear, and Transformers.

Online Partial Discharge Applications

  • Periodic Testing
  • Continual Partial Discharge Monitoring
  • Non-intrusive Partial Discharge Site Survey
  • Partial Discharge Sensor Installation

Online PD testing services

Online PD Testing
Motors & Generators
Complete Network Monitoring
online partial discharge testing

Online PD Testing

Online PD testing is an excellent insulation condition tool which can be deployed rapidly. Without requiring an outage, whole network assessments can be performed, across all HV assets, in as little as a day. LIVE HV can identify and pinpoint areas of concern so they can be addressed before an unplanned outage occurs.

LIVE HV PD Testing Benefits

  • The best condition assessment tool for MV & HV plant
  • Detect & locate imminent faults prior to failure
  • No requirement for outage during testing
  • No additional stress placed on plant during testing
  • Reduce downtime & increase safety
Cable Partial Discharge


LIVE HV can provide Online PD testing services for cables rated from 3.3 kV to 750 kV and use cable mapping to pinpoint any discharge detected to within 0.5% of the cable’s length. High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) are used to detect discharge from the entire cable length including any joints or terminations.

Cable PD Testing Benefits

  • Provide accurate condition assessment of cable
  • Check cable joint & termination integrity to prevent failures
  • Cable mapping for PD location while cable is energised
  • Advanced noise filtering for electrically ‘noisy’ conditions
Partial discharge monitoring

Motors & Generators

Online PD testing is widely accepted as the best condition assessment tool for motors and generators rated from 6.6 kV to 30 kV. Testing can be made using portable or permanent High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) or permanently installed coupling capacitors.

Motor PD Testing Benefits

  • Identify & monitor insulation damage prior to failure
  • Spot testing or continuous monitoring
  • Monitoring with split core HFCT’s if no coupling capacitors are installed
  • Differentiate between slot section & end winding discharge
  • Monitor machine from remote end of HV cable if machine is in a hazardous area
Partial discharge monitoring switchgear


Our Online PD monitoring in switchgear can identify dangerous PD activity and anticipate insulation faults before they occur, removing the chance for switchboard failure and increasing safety. Non-intrusive sensors including Transient Earth Voltage (TEV), Acoustic and High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) are used. If you are already taking PD measurements with a ‘handheld’ PD testing device LIVE HV can assist by providing diagnostic and PD location services.

Switchgear PD Testing Benefits

  • Accurately assess & quantify the asset condition
  • Detect & locate pending insulation faults prior to failure
  • Increase switchboard safety
  • Reduction in potential downtime
online partial discharge


Online PD testing produces an instant condition assessment of your transformers insulation via spot testing; or extended monitoring is performed to determine how operational and environmental impacts affect the transformer during regular use. Measurements are taken while in service via bushing tap sensors, acoustic sensors or HFCT’s attached to connected HV cables.

Transformer PD Testing Benefits

  • Identify & monitor insulation damage prior to failure
  • Trend insulation condition without outages
  • Acoustic testing for defect location
  • Reduce downtime & increase safety
Partial discharge monitoring

Complete Network Monitoring – Hazardous Areas

LIVE HV can provide insulation condition monitoring across your entire HV network. Installed HFCT sensors at the central switchboard enable diagnostic readings to be obtained from all connected assets. This was specifically designed for the Oil and Gas industry to enable PD measurements of HV motors installed in hazardous areas. The technique eliminates any requirement to install sensors at the machine, rather the sensors are installed in the remote switchboard.

Our expertise

Australian pioneers in online Partial Discharge, our experience & technical knowledge are unrivalled.

  • Flexible assessment options for all industries
  • Spot testing & continuous monitoring for all HV plant
  • Insulation defect detection & pinpointing
  • Precise reporting with actionable recommendations
  • Multiple assets tested per day

Where we work

LIVE HV are proud to offer all of our services across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Mobile testing vans
  • Latest range of test equipment
  • Experienced, qualified technicians

Do You Require Partial Discharge Testing?

We can support you by providing advanced diagnostic testing and fault location for your complete HV network.

Case Studies

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