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From a safety and reliability perspective your switchgear condition is of the utmost importance. LIVE HV provides an expansive range of diagnostic switchgear testing and specialise in online condition monitoring, Offline PD commissioning and fault finding

Our services

Switchgear Testing
Online PD Testing
Protection Relay Maintenance
Switchgear Upgrades

Switchgear Testing

LIVE HV provides out of service and shutdown testing and maintenance for your switchgear. In addition to high voltage testing and commissioning we have solutions to maximise the performance and lifespan of your asset. Busbar maintenance, relay injection and circuit breaker timing tests are examples of the full suite of services we provide that give you a clear understanding of your switchgear’s true condition.

Switchgear Off-Line PD testing will detect insulation faults that traditional tests frequently miss. Energising the switchgear with a 50 Hz transformer in conjunction with our testing equipment allows for sensitive and accurate PD measurement in accordance with IEC 60270. PD fault location is provided through the use of an array of sensors and analysis methods.

Key Benefits

  • Switchgear Maintenance Services
  • Partial Discharge measurement in accordance with IEC 60270
  • Partial Discharge fault location
  • Withstand testing (Hi-Pot)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • CT Ratio, Polarity & Magnetization Curve
  • VT Ratio & Polarity
  • Relay Secondary & Primary Injection testing
  • Circuit Breaker Timing tests
  • Contact Resistance
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofit Installation
  • Arc Fault Detection Installation
Online PD Testing

Online Diagnostic PD Testing

Our On-Line PD monitoring in switchgear can identify dangerous PD activity and anticipate insulation faults before they occur, removing the chance for switchboard failure and increasing safety. Non-intrusive sensors including Transient Earth Voltage (TEV), Acoustic and High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT’s) are used.

If you are already taking PD measurements with a ‘handheld’ PD testing device LIVE HV can assist by providing diagnostic and PD location services.

Key Benefits

  • Accurately assess & quantify the asset condition
  • Detect & locate pending insulation faults prior to failure
  • Increase switchboard safety
  • Reduction in unplanned outages

Protection Relay Maintenance

LIVE HV provide commissioning and maintenance on your protection scheme to ensure correct operation when it’s required. This includes secondary and primary injection testing to prove CT/VT, protection relays and circuit breaker timing.
We take a holistic approach which encompasses the entire circuit from CT to circuit breaker, asset to asset which ensures your protection is operating as per design.

Testing we provide includes

  • Primary Injection
  • Secondary Injection
  • Relay testing/setting/programming
  • Visual inspection and wiring integrity check
  • Circuit Breaker Timing Testing
  • Functional Testing
Switchgear Upgrades

Switchgear Upgrades

Ageing switchgear can lead to reliability and safety concerns, however full replacement of your asset is not always required. LIVE HV can assess your switchgear and its componentry to advise on targeted remedial action. Once assessed, we can perform Circuit Breaker retrofits, instrument transformer (CT, VT) replacements, Arc Fault Detection installation and other refurbishment actions to ensure your switchgear operates reliably and safely, extending its lifespan.

Key Benefits

  • Extend the life of your switchgear
  • Independent Assessment
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofit Installation
  • Arc Fault Detection installation
  • Instrument Transformer (CT, VT) replacement
  • Switchgear Refurbishment

Case Studies

Read more for examples of LIVE HV providing engineering and service solutions for our partners.

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