High voltage tests by Asset

Maximising high voltage network integrity, keeping you online, all the time.

High Voltage Condition Assessment – Electrical Diagnostic Testing

Analyse and evaluate the performance, integrity, and safety of electrical systems to identify any potential issues or abnormalities with electrical diagnostic testing

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As the lifeline for your assets we understand how critical your high voltage cables are. We provide a full range of testing services from commissioning, in-service testing, ‘health’ assessments, and fault finding.

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Machines Motors and Generators

Machines – Motors and Generators

For your spinning equipment, Online PD testing is one of the best assessment tools available. Offline services include inspections, tan delta & complete electrical assessment.

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From a safety and reliability perspective your switchgear condition is of the utmost importance. LIVE HV provides an expansive range of diagnostic switchgear testing and specialise in online condition monitoring, Offline PD commissioning and fault finding.

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Live HV High Voltage Testing Engineering


Transformers are a critical component for providing reliable energy flow in a high voltage network. To complement your oil sampling and for dry-type transformers LIVE HV provides a wide range of in-service and offline test services.

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To the LIVE HV team,

Thank-you very much, I’ve had a great time with your team, you were very easy to deal with and professional.

I hope we can work together again soon

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A big congratulations from me too.

Lots of great work, by many people, well-coordinated, with a great result.

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Our expertise

Extensive experience in HV condition assessment coupled with a wide range of in-service & offline testing options:

  • Independent condition assessment specialist
  • Substantial electrical diagnostic database
  • Asset trending & benchmarking
  • Actionable, useful advice & recommendations
  • Comprehensive testing for your entire electrical network

Why Us

As the go to independent testing expert for asset manufacturers and customers alike we have prolific experience at testing high voltage infrastructure during all stages of its life cycle.

  • Independent Test Specialist
  • Development of work scope & job documentation
  • Significant insulation condition database
  • Full range of HV testing services for all asset types
  • Test multiple assets per day with accuracy and assurance
  • Detect & locate faults for targeted repairs
  • Actionable & usable advice to aid asset managers
  • Safe work practices
  • Proven record of on-time & on-budget projects

Case Studies

Read more for examples of LIVE HV providing engineering and service solutions for our partners.

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