Repair, Test, Confirm

December 9, 2022

The Issue

Ever wondered when you should perform HV testing and PD monitoring? LIVE HV can assist in developing a management plan for all HV asset types, please contact us for assistance. When it comes to PD testing our extensive experience has shown there are some key times to perform testing if you want to get the most out of your assets.


To get the maximum life out of an HV asset and enable smart future-based decisions, offline PD testing during the commissioning process is perfect. This confirms workmanship, allows repairs to be made if required and benchmarks an assets insulation condition. Here is a case study for switchgear PD commission testing.

Post Repair

An example of the usefulness of post-repair testing was covered in this case study of a cable repair, where the repaired joint left the cable in a worse condition! This was able to be immediately rectified, while the cable was already excavated, prior to reinstatement.


Frequency of routine on-line PD testing has the most variables to consider including asset type, PD level and criticality. For example, a machine with high PD levels and no redundancy may require more frequent testing or continuous monitoring. A test shortly after energisation is always advised, LIVE HV can then advise as to the recommended frequency of testing which may change as the asset ages.