Contactless PD Condition Assessment

December 9, 2022

The Issue

Lockdowns and border closures can make it difficult to get contractors to your site to assess or investigate issues as they arise. However, that does not mean you need to forgo Partial Discharge (PD) assessments with LIVE HV’s remote-based Partial Discharge testing system.

The Solution

Our online PD test equipment can be shipped to site and easily attached to existing PD sensors or HV apparatus, by site staff, with minimal instruction. LIVE HV technicians then operate the equipment remotely, analyse the data and provide a condition report. The only requirement is a wifi signal or an internet connection! Depending upon your requirement the monitor can be set up for hours, days, weeks or months. As well as areas with restrictions, this is also beneficial for remote sites as there are no mobilisation costs.

livehv Contactless PD Condition Assessment

Particularly well suited for monitoring of pre-installed sensors, this is an ideal way to perform online monitoring for your rotating machines.